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The Orange Penguin Foundation

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Kids and adults needs your help today

Please, chose how you will help, thank you! 

Help us to make big changes!

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Free access programm

Free Access. The program is designed to define and provide necessary equipment to the rehabilitation centers, special educational and other organizations that are going to provide a possibility to use or test  this equipment with a specialist supervision.

If you would like to see changes in one community, one city or country - donate here!  Every cent donated to this program will be spent on the long term projects. You can help build the better future. Start now!   

Donate now and help us make a one more step to the better future

Help us to create free software for people in need!

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Laptop Work

Software Development programm

This is an umbrella program the goal of which is to develop software products for people with disabilities and for specialists working with people with disabilities. is the online communicator on the basis of the system of alternative communication intended for children and adults with problems of speech development, parents and teachers of correctional schools.

Help one person at the time 9:00 

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surprised baby

Address Help programm

This program is designed to help to define and provide necessary equipment for each application received by the organisation from individuals.


You can read more about kids and adults help . All money donated through this program will be spent for buying equipment or shipping to one particular person, on next  in the waiting list.

Or just donate now and money will go to the current fundraising  

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